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First ‘Better Life’ quality label in the turkey industry for Hendrix Genetics


17 January 2019

Hendrix Genetics acquired the 1-star quality mark from ‘Beter Leven’ for the Cartier turkeys. This star rating system (translated from Dutch as ‘Better Life’) allows consumers to choose food products that have been raised with specialized welfare standards in mind. Hendrix Genetics, an NPM Capital portfolio company, is the first from the turkey industry to achieve this standard.

This 1-star quality mark has been awarded to the Cartier turkeys, an alternative breed for the European market. These birds are slow growing, feature bronze feathering, and offer a unique flavour profile. The alternative poultry breeding program is based in Brittany, France. These turkeys are specially selected to thrive in the kind of environment optimal for the 1-star label, including outdoor access and increased space to move.

What is ‘Beter Leven’?

‘Beter Leven’ is a rating system run by the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals. This program designates a 1, 2 or 3 star system for meat production. The criteria for certification include the conditions on the farm, the health of the animals, and how fast they grow. With our strong commitment to animal welfare, it became imperative that we work with this program. With the need for choice in the marketplace, and the importance of heightening animal welfare standards, Hendrix Genetics will continue to invest in offering products for a variety of environments. The next stage of this project with our partners from “Beter Leven” is to integrate blockchain technology in the system.