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Conclusion company myBrand acquires Nextmoves and strengthens its position in the SAP market


19 February 2019

The SAP service provider and knowledge partner myBrand, which is part of Conclusion, has acquired Nextmoves. Nextmoves is a specialist in the area of HR solutions based on SAP HCM and SuccessFactors. This move was prompted by myBrand’s wish to add strategic HR expertise to its portfolio, in order to better support its customers in the digital transformation.

Joining forces in this way will enable myBrand and Conclusion, an NPM Capital portfolio company, to realize their shared ambition of becoming the leading – and most highly rated – service provider in the area of SAP. This partnership between myBrand and Nextmoves will also benefit Conclusion (their parent company) by strengthening its ecosystem. Its customers will reap the benefits of a portfolio that now features an even wider range of expertise in the field of digital transformation and process outsourcing.

About Nextmoves
Nextmoves implements, develops and supports HR solutions based on SAP HCM and SuccessFactors. The organization is a SAP Gold Partner and has a well-established reputation within this landscape. The company develops its own apps and add-ons for the SAP Cloud Platform. It also offers MI Total Solutions, a preconfigured, SAP-based total solution for SMEs’ HR needs. Nextmoves’ customers include USG People, the University Medical Center Utrecht and the Hordijk Group.

The new organization
All of Nextmoves’ activities will be taken over by myBrand and myBrand will hire all of Nextmoves' employees. Nextmoves will continue to operate under the same name. The organization has a 40-strong workforce. It will be managed by two of myBrand’s senior staff, Seger Theuns (Managing Director) and Paul Poppelaars (Financial Director). Nextmoves’ current management will continue to be involved. Indeed, they have committed themselves to the organization for the upcoming years.

Seger Theuns, myBrand’s Managing Director, explains that ‘Our mission is to be the leading – and most highly rated – SAP service provider in the Netherlands. We are continuously developing the new knowledge and expertise needed to retain that position. By joining forces with Nextmoves, we are making a serious commitment to the HCM domain. This highly successful company has been one of the leading lights in the field of Human Capital Management for many years now. So, in addition to being a valuable new arm of myBrand, Nextmoves will give Conclusion’s ecosystem a substantial boost. This merger makes our ecosystem even stronger, because we can now make the very best use of each other’s competences.’

Arjan Hoogendijk, Sales Director at Nextmoves points out that ‘We couldn’t let the opportunity of becoming part of one of the leading organizations in the SAP area pass us by. We are convinced that both our customers and our organization will benefit from myBrand’s – and Conclusion’s – knowledge, experience, and networks.’

Bart Potter, Nextmoves’ Managing Director says that ‘Forging a future with myBrand will enable us to make even more effective use of our specialized knowledge and expertise in the area of Human Capital Management. This move is also entirely in keeping with SAP’s strategy of constantly being on the lookout for first-rate partners with a comprehensive range of products. We are excited by the prospect of enhancing and expanding that position still further.’

Engbert Verkoren, Conclusion’s CEO, explains that ‘Our customers are increasingly demanding a more integrated approach to digital transformation, one in which HR also plays a significant part. For this reason, Nextmoves is a very welcome addition to our ecosystem. Their leading knowledge and expertise will strengthen our position and our ability to give customers the innovative support they deserve.’

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