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Conclusion and Another Monday collaborate for Robotic Process Automation


24 January 2019

IT services provider Conclusion and Another Monday have entered into a strategic partnership in the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in order to be a decisive player in the Dutch market. RPA enables organisations to give further substance to their digital transformation at lower costs, with fewer errors and more satisfied employees and customers.

RPA digitalises business processes without having to adapt IT systems. This provides customers with considerable cost-savings. RPA software logs onto systems, simulates the keyboard and mouse input and reads information from screens. It takes over monotonous and repetitive activities from employees so they can focus fully on their core activities. This results in a higher level of employee satisfaction.

Conclusion, an NPM portfolio company, is RPA market leader Another Monday’s first Dutch partner.

Engbert Verkoren, CEO of Conclusion: ‘RPA will play an increasingly more important role in business processes. As a forerunner in the market, we’re committed to giving customers access to the most innovative technologies so they can further optimise and digitise their business operations.’

Arjen van Berkum, COO of Another Monday: ‘We are pleased that Conclusion is the first Dutch player to join our growing group of international partners. Working in partnership with this enterprising company will enable us to provide the Dutch market with even better service in the field of RPA.’