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Bergman Clinics to acquire Memira Eye Clinics in Scandinavia


3 September 2019

On 8 July 2019, Bergman Clinics announced the proposed acquisition of Memira, a leading chain of focus clinics for refractive eye care in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The takeover will allow the Dutch market leader in elective medical care through focus clinics to further expand its successful concept into Scandinavia.

Bergman Clinics, an NPM Capital portfolio company, specialises in treatments in orthopaedic care, eye care, skin care and plastic surgery which are covered by Dutch health insurers. Additionally, the company provides specialised care for stomach, colon and pelvic-floor disorders. Its aim is to offer high-quality, patient-focused treatments at competitive rates.

Operating a total of 47 clinics, Memira is the market leader in refractive eye care in Scandinavia, and one of the leading players worldwide in Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE). Memira will continue to operate independently as part of the Bergman Clinics Group.

Hans van der Heijden, CEO of Bergman Clinics: “We are delighted to be able to add Memira to the Bergman Clinics family. Memira’s client base, quality level and geographic spread are fully complimentary to those of the rest of Bergman Clinics and provide us with the opportunity to further expand our successful concept of focus clinics. This new alliance also gives us more room to invest in technological innovation, digitalisation and training and education. The Memira employees and clinics and Bergman Clinics have specific skills and talents which have the potential to enhance each other immensely. This will enable us to further consolidate our leading position in refractive eye care.”

Johanna Öberg, CEO of Memira, will remain in charge of the general management of the Memira Clinics and looks forward to embarking on this new partnership: “We have been pursuing a clear strategy over the past two years, where we were looking to achieve further growth for our company, both organically and through acquisitions. This has produced strong results and was a condition for taking an even larger step. With Bergman Clinics as the new owner, I see great potential in further accelerating our growth. I am pleased that our company will now form part of a larger group, within which we will be able to further expand our joint activities in Scandinavia.”

Dan Pitulia, Chairman of the Memira Board of Directors: “I am pleased that we have found an excellent new home for Memira through this acquisition. We have carefully selected a new owner with the resources to facilitate further growth for Memira as the profitable and well-run company that the current management has created.”

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